There is a segment of the population in the u.k under the age of 18 years that needs tutoring and support in primary schools, middle school and high schools. We also have the youth from middle school to high school and more so now than ever primary (key stage 1), who are not  in mainstream education and instead access alternative programs. 

W3G supports the thinking and ideas of teaching on a revolutionary scale. And encourages teachers, people with the passion to teach, or professionals who have none teacher backgrounds to think of alternative methods and develop new creative ways to support effective learning for young people,  through enterprising methods and the stimulation of young minds to create positive results. 

W3 Recruitment and Training gives candidates and clients interested in offering a new and innovative way of recruitment. 

We intend to recruit across the board in many industries but specific to alternative and mainstream education, SEN, mentorship and support work.

The agency offers support and unique material download portals for updates, timesheets, payslips and correspondence, once registered.

“An Alternative Employment and Training Agency

With teachers, mentors and careers being the life and blood of the success in alternative and mainstream educational settings it is imperative to sustain a service and flow of quality, holistically aware staff.  

Statistics show the culture of the school system can also be disengaging and non-commercial to some, hence the rise in more young people being referred to pupil referral units and other supporting agencies. 

We at W3G are dynamic in understanding the needs of our clients and that extra bit that is needed for success in the industry.

flexible staffing

We have flexible and friendly staff who are qualified, experienced and sometimes unique.

Full Time Hiring

We ensure fulltime, part-time and voluntary hiring and we make sure our staff are treated well.

Managed Solutions

We strive to provide the solutions you need for your requirements of the position.

Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience